Intellectual Property Licensing

Besides working on specific projects for our clients, Hill Engineering develops intellectual property internally with the goal of licensing to established companies or start-ups. We have a successful track-record of doing just this. Start-up companies have been based on our patented technology. And we have licensed technology to many established companies over the years (including Fortune 500 companies).

Continuous Wave Cushioned Support

If you have an interest in the seating or mattress markets, we have a well-developed, patented technology available for sale or license. Requiring only ultra low power (battery operation is possible for many hours before recharging), our technology reduces the discomfort of sitting or lying for long periods. We envision the technology as being particularly well suited for use in high-end office chairs, operator seating in trucks, buses and heavy machinery and in wheel chairs. How could you make use of it? Contact us with your particular application interest.

Thermal Management of Electronics

If you have an interest in innovative technology that can fundamentally change the landscape in thermal management of electronics please contact us for discussions. We have technologies under development that may enable your next generation products.

Laminar Flow Air Movers

Laminar Flow Air Movers are efficient cooling devices for computers and other electronic devices. Unlike conventional air movers, which operate with turbulent internal flows even on a small scale, Laminar Flow Air Movers use a matrix of small passages instead of conventional blades or vanes in order to minimize boundary layer effects and ensure laminar flow within the unit. The result is greatly increased efficiency, allowing for comparatively increased air mover performance in the same package size, or equivalent performance in a smaller package size. Laminar flow also makes these air movers much quieter.

High Flux Density Cooling

Hill Engineering is working on an advanced single phase, liquid cooling development with broad application to a number of electronics thermal management applications.  The development is particularly well suited for very high levels of heat flux (up to 1000 W/cm2 and above).  The system incorporates innovative pumping technology that is both hermetic and highly efficient.  Capable of operation at very low temperature differences between the heat source and the ultimate heat sink, the system can operate over a broad range of temperatures and heat loads (from tens of watts to over 10 kW).  The coolant is nontoxic and the system is capable of long operational life with very high reliability.  Designs for harsh environments, including aerospace applications, are possible.
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