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Laminar Flow Air Movers

Laminar Flow Air Movers are efficient cooling devices for computers and other electronic devices. Unlike conventional air movers, which operate with turbulent internal flows even on a small scale, Laminar Flow Air Movers use a matrix of small passages instead of conventional blades or vanes in order to minimize boundary layer effects and ensure laminar flow within the unit. The result is greatly increased efficiency, allowing for comparatively increased air mover performance in the same package size, or equivalent performance in a smaller package size. Laminar flow also makes these air movers much quieter.

  • Laminar Flow Air Mover designs are scalable with negligible efficiency loss.
  • Rotor diameters from 4 inches to less than a half inch are possible (100 mm to 10 mm)
  • Laminar Flow Air Movers exhibit better efficiency than conventional small fans and blowers, often showing better than twice the aerodynamic efficiency of fans or blowers with similar performance
  • Both radial and axial flow configurations possible:
  • Passage geometry, speed and size are adjustable to tailor performance to a particular application
  • Design and verification are rapid and do not require CFD analysis
  • Laminar Flow Air Mover acoustics are superior to conventional small fans and blowers both in noise level and frequency content
  • Patented technology (US Patent No. 7,455,504), other patents pending
  • High volume manufacturing is possible using established processes such as injection molding 

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