Precision Air Flow Measurement Systems

Would you like a convenient way to precisely measure airflow from 0.1 up to 40 CFM with a resolution as good as 0.001 CFM! The Model 798 Precision Air Flow Measuring System lets you do it while using only a little more than 4 square feet of floor space in your lab. To help you solve thermal problems quickly and economically, the Model 798 Precision Air Flow Measuring System enables you to:

  • Set-up tests quickly and make individual pressure-flow measurements in under one minute.

  • Measure and confirm system resistance curves.

  • Measure and confirm manufacturer’s fan curves.

  • Measure and confirm installed fan/system operating point.

  • Measure installed fan performance compared to bare fan component.

  • Measure total flow through devices such as lap top computers.

  • Measure effects of grilles, filters and fan guards.

  • Provide known air flows over dissipative test components, heat sinks, spreaders, or complete PCBs.

  • Correlate flow and thermal analytical model results on prototype hardware.

  • Calibrate flow velocity sensors/anemometers.

  • Calibrate pressure sensors/switches.

Contact us for availability and pricing details.  If you do not have the volume of work required to justify the purchase of a Model 798 right now, Hill Engineering will perform your measurements on a contract basis.

Click here for a detailed data sheet.