Hill Engineering Facilities

Airflow Measurement Lab

Our airflow measurement lab can handle measurements from 0.1 CFM all the way to 400 CFM. Our unique testing facility allows us to measure, analyze and solve thermal problems in electronic equipment and components rapidly. We can measure total airflow through existing enclosure/fan systems and, if necessary, the internal flow distribution. It is also possible for us to measure total air flow and flow distribution through new system designs before any hardware is fabricated using low cost, quickly made, flow mock-ups. Functioning electronics are not required at this stage. These results can be used in detail design of the hardware to ensure that thermal performance is right the first time. We can measure internal flow distribution over printed circuit boards or other critical components to guide component placement, air flow adjustments and component operating temperature estimations. We can even measure temperatures and air velocities in natural convection cooled enclosures.


Prototyping Shop

With the pace of product development these days, you can rarely afford to spend the time required to wait in queue at the machine shop. That’s why we have the capability to make one-offs of most any part required in our in-house shop. A highly capable NC mill is the focus of the shop. A toolmaker’s lathe and other support machines round-out the facility.